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CHEERSSON was established in March 2012 in Xuguan Industrial Park, Suzhou High-tech Zone. In March 2020, the company was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The stock abbreviation is CHEERSSON and the stock code is 002976.

The company is positioned in precision intelligent manufacturing, is a specialized precision enterprise in the field of automotive, mobile communication, new energy, etc. The main business is the research and development, manufacturing and sales of precision moulds, precision structural parts and automotive air suspension systems, mobile communication equipment for products in the aforementioned fields. The company now has more than 10 holding companies and production bases in Suzhou High-tech Zone, Suzhou Industrial Park, Huangpu District, Guangzhou City, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, Querétaro, Mexico and Coventry, UK, with business covering countries and regions in Asia, Europe and America. By focusing on digital transformation, "5G+industrial internet" to help upgrade the industry, creating advanced intelligent manufacturing model, achieving the goal of lean management and intelligent manufacturing, the company is committed to become an excellent manufacturer of components and system products in the global industrial field, forging the " CHEERSSON®" as the representative of global industrial professional brand.

The company's main business customers cover the automotive, mobile communications, new energy and other fields.

In the automotive field: (1) precision parts products: mainly including precision stamping parts and fasteners, precision stamping parts include: automotive safety system, automotive chassis system, automotive electronics, in-car entertainment system and other components; fastening parts products include: shaped fasteners, riveting fastening. (2) Seat comfort system components and small assembly system products: mainly including seat heating, ventilation, massage, support and other small assembly systems, components including the relevant electronic control system ECU, seat wiring harness, electric seat special switch, seat sensor SBR, car seat brush/brushless motor, steering wheel heating and touch sensor components, seat adjustment fingerprint identification components, etc. (3) Air suspension system products: including air suspension system assemblies and core subsystems and components, widely used in commercial vehicles and passenger cars for front-mounting, retrofitting and after-sales maintenance, as well as industrial fields, products include ECU systems (electronic control unit hardware + software) rubber bladders, air reed/air struts, front and rear suspension guide tubes, damping sensors, electronically controlled air suspension system ECAS Air compressors, AvS products and industrial air bellows, etc., as well as extensive experience in system design, tuning and testing.

New energy field: precision parts and small assembly system products such as battery cases, covers, positive and negative connecting plates for energy storage and power batteries.

Mobile communication field: precision parts for communication equipment, filters, antennas, etc.

YF,Forvia,Adient,Lear, ZF,Magna,Harman,BW,Valeo,Continental,Bosch,Minth,Schneider,Emerson,Inovace,SKF,Phylion,Hithium,Zenergy,Nokia,Ericsson,ZTE,Foxconn,Jabil,Flextronics,Sanmina,etc.

As a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province and a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province, the company was approved to establish "Jiangsu Precision Drawing Engineering Technology Research Center", "Jiangsu Fastener Cold Heading Mould Engineering Technology Research Center" and "Jiangsu Industrial Enterprise Technology Center". Jiangsu Industrial Enterprise Technology Center", "Jiangsu Province Specialized and New Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Workshop", Suzhou High-tech Zone Intelligent Transformation and Digital Transformation Demonstration Enterprise, "Suzhou City High Efficiency and High Precision Mould Wire Cutting Intelligent Enterprise", and "Suzhou City High Precision Mould Wire Cutting Intelligent Enterprise", "Suzhou High-tech Zone Intelligent Transformation and Digital Transformation Demonstration Enterprise, Suzhou High-tech Zone High Efficiency and High Precision Mould Wire Cutting Intelligent Workshop. The company has been adhering to the development of "technological innovation and model innovation" and has been providing integrated and comprehensive solutions for customers in Europe, Asia and America with its long-accumulated technological R&D advantages, rich production management experience, innovative production processes, high precision and high quality products and fast response service capability. We have enjoyed a good reputation and brand effect in the industry. The company has always adhered to the corporate values of "commitment, learning, efficiency, sincerity, gratitude and modesty" and promoted the spirit of craftsmanship, and is committed to becoming an excellent manufacturer of components and systems in the global industrial field, creating a professional brand in the industrial field represented by "CHEERSSON®". CHEERSSON® is a professional brand in the industrial field.

Corporate vision

While pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of employees, we will contribute to the progress and development of the society.

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Qualification honor

High-tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province, private science and technology enterprise of Jiangsu Province, approved to set up "Jiangsu Precision Deep Drawing Engineering Technology Research Center"

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CHEERSSON is committed to becoming an excellent parts supplier and service provider in the industrial field, and has created a professional brand in the industrial field represented by CHEERSSON®

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Global business scope provides integrated solutions for Europe, Asia, the Americas and other major regions.

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